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  • Q:出張料理、出張シェフのサービス内容は?
    Cold things stay cold, hot things stay warm A professional chef will serve the food in the order it is freshly prepared over an hour and 30 minutes. (3 to 4 hours stay: 1 hour preparation, 1 hour 20 minutes serving, 1 hour clean up) Purchasing ingredients, transporting tableware, serving food, cleaning up, and restoring the kitchen to its original condition. In many cases, customers only bring drinks and glasses. You can also order glasses, tablecloths, and drinks.
  • Q: I would like to order catering, but my kitchen is small. Can you do home delivery?
    A: No worries. Utilizing the experience that professional chefs have cultivated up to this point, we can provide services in any location or kitchen. (Please consult us regarding the contents of the dishes) Alternatively, we can have your meals delivered to your home. Please use it according to your convenience.
  • Q: What is the payment method?
    ・Cash on the day ・Invoice issue/transfer *In some cases, advance payment ・Credit card payment must be made in advance.
  • Q: 札幌から遠方になる場合はどうなりましょうか?
    A: You can use our service anywhere in the country, even if you are far from our base in Sapporo. Transportation and accommodation costs will be included in the payment amount separately. Please contact us for details. Reference↓
  • Q: I would like to arrange serving plates and tableware for a party...
    A: Basically, we only provide food service, but if you need to prepare anything, please contact us in advance. example) ・Simple cutlery set (2 plastic plates, chopsticks, towel) ¥198 / 1 person ・Tablecloth (2700mm x 1600mm) ¥1,600 / 4h ・Wine glass (contains crystal) 210ml ¥360/1 piece ・Tumbler glass 250ml ¥188 /1 piece ・Pottery plate ¥188/1 piece Click here for details↓
  • Q: What if I have to cancel?
    A:About cancellation and subtraction It depends on the busy season and reservation status, but in principle ・30% of the total amount if 30 to 7 days ago, - 50% of the total amount if 7 days to 3 days before arrival, 100% of the total amount if 2 days ago to the day of the event. Please check in advance. For large or corporate contracts, the deadline is 45 days.
  • Q: Order drinks as well.
    Have a look at this.






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